Moral clarity and health

The basis on which we live our lives can be a stabilizing influence for everyone.

Not many people would have relinquished such a well-paying job when there were so many reasons to stay on. But a friend of mine did just that. Some would have seen it as a wonderful position that offered significant stability. But he saw a major issue on the horizon. In a word, it was a question of morality.

As our society moves toward more tolerance in arenas that were once considered morally questionable, some businesses are following. This is what was beginning to happen in the sports organization my friend worked for. Laws were changing to provide more opportunities for people to gamble. This organization was just the kind of business that might take advantage of this, opening its doors to accommodate and even welcome different kinds of gambling, including online betting. 

The Bible Lesson: Our tool for healing
April 4, 2022

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