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Heads up!

I needed to fix my gaze on the divine reality that God’s infinite, ever-present care comforts and blesses. This truth helped strengthen my understanding that health and freedom are actually permanent.
Keeping Watch

Moral clarity and health

Each day we are in a position to take moral stands that benefit not only us but humanity as well.
Today my shoulder remains pain-free, and I continue to gain healing insights from each weekly Christian Science Bible Lesson.

Safety in spiritual thinking

If we get lost along the way in life, turn left instead of right, or get stuck in a rut, the wisdom and grace we need to go forward we find at hand when we turn to God.

Into the light

Enjoy this poem, which celebrates spiritual light.

Sunday School for Prince

Having healings was as joyful as galloping home at top speed.

Infection healed

I will never forget this experience, as it provided a firm foundation on which to build my faith in God and rely on Him when I needed healing. 
Testimony of Healing

Severe cold gone instantly

I prayed, “Father, what do I need to see that would allow me to be healed?”
Testimony of Healing

Healing of COVID

All that constituted me was good, and I could express only goodness.
Testimony of Healing
Our divine Father-Mother, Love, supplied an answer to heartfelt prayer that continues to bless me as a mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother.
Bible Lens
Love for God is expressed in love of others; love of others springs from God’s love for us.

Letters & Conversations

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