Baby’s sudden recovery through prayer

Some years ago, I awoke and heard my three-month-old daughter wheezing and breathing noisily. I took her in my arms to comfort and pray for her. I also called my husband, who was attending law school out of state, and he prayed for her as well. 

I was concerned but calm, knowing I could trust Christian Science to heal her. My family and I had consistently found healing through prayer, and I was confident that the power of God, divine Love, is always present to meet every need. 

I got very quiet, listening to what God was revealing to me about my daughter’s true identity. Contrary to the appearance of a sick baby, the spiritual truth was that she was God’s child, created in His image and likeness, as the Bible tells us (see Genesis 1:26, 27). As I held her, I affirmed in prayer that God, divine Mind, was the Parent and our daughter His precious spiritual idea. This helped me better understand that she did not consist of material body parts, but of inviolable spiritual substance that could not be sick or suffer. I reasoned that her identity was made up of radiant spiritual qualities that could never erode or become sickly. God’s tender care was here, and His child included peace, happiness, and unencumbered health.

As I continued to pray, our daughter suddenly expelled a large mass of phlegm, and her breathing immediately became regular. All the cold symptoms subsided, and she easily went back to sleep for the rest of the night. She woke up cheerful and energetic the next morning and remained so, with no further difficulties. 

This experience proved to me the truth of this statement in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy: “Christian Science brings to the body the sunlight of Truth, which invigorates and purifies” (p. 162). While I listened to angel thoughts from God about my daughter’s perfect spiritual selfhood, the doubts, fears, worry, and physical evidence fully gave way to the harmony of God’s love.

I have reflected in awe upon this healing many times over the years. What a wonderful proof of the reliability of God’s care! 

Debbie Peck
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, US

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November 7, 2022

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