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God-given spiritual ambition

[Tony Lobl, “Are our happiness goals ambitious enough?Sentinel, September 26, 2022]

I find this editorial so helpful and fitting for my job supporting young people from college on their next career steps. I will keep this in thought when talking with them. Thank you for reminding me of their God-given spiritual ambition.

Natalie Morgan, via JSH-Online.com

Very helpful

[Suzanne L. Brown, “Expectancy,” cssentinel.com, September 23, 2022]

I love this poem, which I’ve found very helpful this morning. God is good. God is omniscient.

Greg Hallmark, via JSH-Online.com


[Barbara Fife, “Seeing ‘none but the woman,’ Sentinel, September 12, 2022]

My thanks for this wonderful editorial. Barb Fife’s statement that Jesus’ thoughtful dealing with the situation of the adulterous woman “kept them all safe”—including the mob that wanted to punish her—made me see what our motives should be when dealing with war, conflict, and crime. Jesus showed us how it’s done.

Susanne van Eyl, via JSH-Online.com

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November 7, 2022

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