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I am writing in appreciation for two recent articles. First, “Love’s sacred power to overcome trauma” by Kim Crooks Korinek (September 20, 2021). Several years ago I was challenged by false accusations in the workplace. Even though I knew these attacks to be unjustified and unfair, they left me doubting everything I thought I was. Praying as Christian Science teaches, I came to the realization that what is false and destructive will end, while what is true and good will never stop and will find its forever expression. The love of Christ overcame the anguish and feeling of being at fault for things I didn’t intend or understand. I regained my sense of innocence, progress, and joy in life. I hadn’t thought of it in terms of sacredness, and I love how Kim describes that aspect of being and its inviolable permanence. This resonated with me.

Second, John Quincy Adams III’s article “Rein in willful insistence” (October 18, 2021) brought out another aspect of such healing. Innocence of wrongdoing does not mean that there is no room for growth. I have found that developing spiritual maturity, understanding more that the only enemy is “that which would separate me from a present sense of Truth and Love,” brings freedom and joy in a way that nothing else can.

I’m grateful for Christian Science, and for those who live it, prove it, and write so beautifully about what they’ve learned!

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January 3, 2022

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