God is “a very present help in trouble”

Working a job that often takes me hours from home and has me living on the road for days at a time, I occasionally find myself needing assistance when I’m in unfamiliar places or far from any town. Fear or even panic can sometimes set in. 

It is during these times that I find myself most grateful for Christian Science—for learning about the ever-presence of God in my life. Daily, I work to know that God is guarding, guiding, and governing my every step. God is good, and only good, and I can take part only in His goodness. 

This goodness was proven to me on one of my recent trips when I was far from home and alone. While opening the door to my truck, I felt something bite or sting me harshly on the finger. I never saw what it was, but the pain felt almost as if it had severed my finger. Within a matter of minutes my finger became very hot and swelled to the point where I couldn’t bend it at all.

At first, I was caught up in the pain and impressed by the finger’s appearance. But after a couple of deep breaths, I directed my focus away from the pain and turned instead to God’s immediate goodness. Instantly I felt God’s presence and love, and knew I didn’t need to be afraid. I knew that God was present and was the answer I needed.

I started driving to my next destination, which was an hour and a half away, and though the pain lessened a little, my finger continued to grow bigger, redder, and hotter. I messaged a Christian Science practitioner for treatment through prayer. I needed help to see past the visual evidence and see only the good that God sees.

As I drove, I continued to pray, knowing that there was nothing to fear in the presence of God, divine Love. It was then that the following thoughts came to me: First, God is All, and His allness is all good. Second, there are no secret or unknown attackers in God’s goodness, so there was nothing that could harm me. Finally, as a part of God’s allness, I could be only good, whole, and complete. Later, while still on the road, I was relieved to see that the swelling was completely gone. By the time I reached my destination, the majority of the pain was gone, too. The next morning all that was left was a faint redness, and any remaining pain and abnormal feeling had disappeared. Never before had I experienced such a quick turnaround in a physical condition. I know Love’s presence subdued my fears and returned my finger to normal.

My take-away from this experience was a realization of just how powerful God’s love for each one of us is. I also saw that His love and care are immediately available, wherever we are, and that we need only be receptive. I had made the conscious decision to turn to God for help, and His ever-present love was there waiting for me.

Andrea Schwochow
Clyde, Ohio, US

Bible Lens
January 3, 2022

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