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A renewed life

Cultivating not only a heart that yearns to understand God as Spirit but also a willingness to identify and let go of materialistic ways of thinking, is central to the practice of Christian Science.
Turning to this perfect Mind to know how to think and act, pausing to listen to wisdom in place of the impulses of a false sense of self, we steer clear of the minefield of reactionary, negative behavior and learn and live more of the divine nature.


Enjoy this week’s poetic offering.
I found that in seeing myself as the expression of God, divine Love, I was giving others the opportunity to see me that way, too. And I found that I was able to see and honor each individual’s unique identity while recognizing, above all, our brotherhood and sisterhood as children of God.

Staying on God’s path

If it sometimes seems as though we’re not following or can’t find the right path in business, a relationship, or a desired healing, we can pause, turn to God, and let Him show us His way.

Use your “superpower”

Roland had learned that his greatest superpower was prayer.
Testimony of Healing

Knee pain swiftly healed

As my husband and I went for a walk, I gave God a silent “thank you” with each step.
Testimony of Healing
This experience deepened my trust in God. I realized that He had been with us every step of the way. 
Testimony of Healing
My take-away from this experience was a realization of just how powerful God’s love for each one of us is.
Bible Lens


Divine action is not superficial but deep and thorough, destroying every sinful thought and act.
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