Use your “superpower”

One of Roland’s favorite things is a beautiful metal butterfly with shiny stones on its delicate pink wings. He loves to pretend it is his pet butterfly. He feeds it special butterfly food. He made a bed for it to sleep in. And he always takes very good care of it.

One day, Roland told his mommy that Butterfly was lost. At first, Mommy and Roland thought they could find Butterfly at home. But then Roland said that Butterfly had been pinned on his jacket when they’d gone to the mall. If Butterfly had fallen off at the mall, how would they ever find him?

Roland had been learning in Christian Science Sunday School about the “superheroes” of the Bible, like Moses and Daniel. His teacher called them superheroes because they did things that people didn’t ordinarily do and were close to God. Also, they helped others by using their greatest “superpower”: prayer! Roland had learned that his greatest superpower was also prayer.

Roland realized they could pray about Butterfly. Roland prayed by thinking about one idea that he knew was true. He knew that nothing could ever be lost in God’s kingdom, because God’s kingdom is all good and everywhere. It is orderly and harmonious. Roland trusted that God would lead them in their search.

After praying, Roland said they should check the car. As Mommy put on her snow boots, she felt something. Mommy turned the boot over and dumped out what was inside. It was Butterfly! Roland and Mommy were so happy! They knew in their hearts that God had led them to Butterfly. 

Afterward, Mommy told Roland that even though she had been praying, she’d been worried that they might not find Butterfly. 

“Why were you worried?” Roland asked. “I knew we would find him.”

Like the “superheroes” in the Bible, Roland had prayed and trusted God. He couldn’t wait to do it again.

Testimony of Healing
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January 3, 2022

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