Timeless, tireless being

Is it possible to be free of effects commonly associated with aging?

The Bible offers shining examples of enduring vitality and strength expressing the immortality of our Maker, divine Spirit. They demonstrate the fallacy of the supposed inevitability of aging, deterioration, or any lessening of God-given talents and abilities. Caleb, said to have “wholly followed the Lord,” declared at eighty-five that he was as vital and fit as he’d been 45 years earlier when Moses sent him to “espy out the land” of Canaan (see Joshua 14:6–11 ). Moses’ own demanding mission leading the children of Israel to the Promised Land—a journey that ended with them wandering through the wilderness for forty years—didn’t begin until he was eighty. And several women in the Bible—for instance, Sarah, Hannah, and Elizabeth—gave birth when well beyond typical childbearing years. 

Is it equally possible today to be free of effects commonly associated with aging? It is, through the acknowledgment of the spiritual fitness, vitality, and vigor of God’s immortal creation—His wholly spiritual image and likeness (see Genesis 1:26, 27 ).

This is the radical, key concept that distinguishes the demonstrable theology of Christian Science from any other system of thought: Perfect God, divine and immortal Spirit, made man—all of us—perfect and immortal in His image and likeness; therefore, man is entirely spiritual, not material or a mixture of matter and Spirit. Knowing this frees us from limitations and unfolds the divine possibilities of demonstrating Life as God, good.

In reality, every child, woman, and man has an immortal, spiritual identity. This true individuality, which is entirely separate from matter, is ageless, timeless, and tireless. God’s spiritual ideas are not governed by calendars or clocks, milestones or deadlines, but by the divine law of limitless, eternally unfolding good. Each of us can begin now to rightly identify ourselves as God’s immortal idea—full of strength, wisdom, and vigor at every age.

The understanding and acceptance of this fundamental metaphysical point can bring healing to any problem. It can make all things new. Although the spiritual understanding of being isn’t supported by the material senses, it is fully supported by infinite, all-powerful Spirit, God, and is discerned by our spiritual sense. Our innate spiritual intuition, which God imparts, helps us separate the spiritual facts of being, which bring out harmony and immortality, from fictional, material beliefs, which always produce discord.

God’s spiritual ideas are not governed by calendars or clocks, but by the divine law of limitless, eternally unfolding good.

Several years ago I suffered a chronic, age-related pain in my shoulder. One morning, after reading the weekly Bible Lesson from the Christian Science Quarterly, I realized that I didn’t need to suffer from this discomfort any longer. I am certain that the spiritual truths in the Bible Lesson I had just finished studying cut through apathy and woke me up. This was the effect of the Christ—“the true idea voicing good, the divine message from God to men speaking to the human consciousness” (Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 332 ). 

A sense of God knowing me, loving me, and tenderly supporting my steps Spiritward accompanied this demand for healing—this striving to better understand God and my present immortality as His image or reflection.

The starting point of my prayer was rightly identifying spiritual existence as the present and only actuality of being, despite contrary testimony from the physical senses. I affirmed that God is divine Spirit and eternal Life, the sole cause and creator of the universe, which is entirely spiritual, not material. This meant that God’s timeless, tireless being must be manifested in His spiritual creation, including me. Spirit, immortal good, couldn’t and wouldn’t make anything capable of aging or decay or subject to erosion, loss, or failure. Spirit’s beautiful and pure spiritual ideas remain spring-morning fresh, tirelessly vital, forever immutable and new. The Bible assures us that God makes all things new (see Revelation 21:5 ).

As I prayed, I saw that an aching shoulder is not an actual physical condition. Viewed through the lens of Christian Science, it is exposed as existing merely as a false suggestion in mortal mind—the belief of a mind apart from God, the one infinite Mind—based on the erroneous belief of intelligence in matter. When mortal mind trespasses on our thinking with suggestions such as “I’m getting older, so I ache” and “I’m in pain,” we can immediately reverse these lies with the scientific facts: “I am God’s immortal and ageless spiritual idea, so I cannot ache or be in pain” and “I am pain-free right now.” 

Continuing to pray, I followed this instruction from the Christian Science textbook: “Keep distinctly in thought that man is the offspring of God, not of man; that man is spiritual, not material; that Soul is Spirit, outside of matter, never in it, never giving the body life and sensation. It breaks the dream of disease to understand that sickness is formed by the human mind, not by matter nor by the divine Mind” (Science and Health, p. 396 ).

Even before the healing was evident, I rejoiced to know my present immortality as a blessed and beloved child of God, the forever reflection of the infinite—not even a minute old, but forever new and active, fresh and vital, as His immortal reflection, perpetually maintained by God at the standpoint of spiritual maturity and completeness. Not flesh and blood but timeless, tireless spiritual qualities comprise true being—including flexibility, resiliency, and graceful, effortless movement.

In prayer, I did not allow myself to be lulled into apathy or discouragement by the pain. Mrs. Eddy writes, “By lifting thought above error, or disease, and contending persistently for truth, you destroy error” (Science and Health, p. 400 ). I resolved that each time my shoulder ached, I would reject frustration, replacing it with the demand of Christ, Truth, for spiritually mental action—the strong affirmation of my present and permanent health as God’s ever-fresh, ever-new, ever-vital spiritual reflection. 

This took persistence. But within a few days, the shoulder pain vanished, and it has not recurred. Joy and gratitude filled my heart when I realized I was free!

Then, early in 2020, pain in my hips made walking difficult. As I prayed along similar lines, full and pain-free movement was restored within days. Divine energy even put a spring in my step!

Age-related aches and pains—in fact, discomfort of any kind—can be healed through prayer in Christian Science. Recognizing that all discord is illusion, wholly unreal, never part of our true being, allays fear and vanquishes error—false beliefs. Because disease is an error of belief, it can be successfully treated in consciousness and permanently healed. 

God’s tender love is perpetually available to answer our prayers for relief. The divine message of the healing Christ, Truth, rouses us from apathy and discouragement, encourages us to seek healing through a better understanding of God and our oneness with Him, and frees us from needless suffering. Now is the perfect time to understand, declare, and demonstrate man’s timeless, tireless being as God’s immortal idea.

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August 30, 2021

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