Pet’s reaction to vaccine healed

After my puppy, Rocky, was given a series of vaccinations required by my dog groomer, he became very ill. The ball of fur that had daily barreled through my house could not even lift his head.

I took him back to the veterinarian that had given the shots, and learned that the vaccine meant to prevent parvo, a canine disease, had been contaminated and had in fact given my dog a serious case of the disease. The vet explained that there was no medical treatment or cure for parvo, but he promised to keep Rocky hydrated while monitoring his condition. He refused to let me take Rocky home because of the contagious nature of the disease and informed me of the strong possibility that my beloved pup would not survive. He told me that it would take several days to determine whether Rocky would make it.

I was heartbroken that I might never see my beloved pup again. I said goodbye to Rocky and went home, where I phoned a Christian Science practitioner for prayerful treatment. After I explained the diagnosis, the practitioner lovingly assured me that all was well with my puppy, because as a perfect and necessary part of God’s creation, Rocky had to express Life, God—it was a requirement of his being. 

The practitioner was entirely unimpressed by the diagnosis, and we spoke at length about the spiritual fact that God was caring for Rocky and all the other pets at the clinic. She explained that just as the laws of gravity apply to everything on earth without exception, the truths of Christian Science apply to all of God’s creation, without exception.

When I expressed regret about having had to take Rocky in for the vaccination, the practitioner reminded me of these words from Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures: “God never punishes man for doing right, for honest labor, or for deeds of kindness, though they expose him to fatigue, cold, heat, contagion” (Mary Baker Eddy, p. 384 ).

As she spoke about God’s love for Rocky and for my family, I felt the fear draining away and a tremendous load of grief lifting off my shoulders. We agreed that we would not outline events to come or worry about how long the recovery might take. Rather, we would leave things entirely in the hands of God, divine Love, who meets not only “every human need,” as Science and Health tells us (p. 494 ) but every canine need as well. 

I slept peacefully that night, and as I was preparing for work the next morning, I received a call from the vet’s office. It was a different doctor on the phone, informing me that my dog had completely recovered. In fact, Rocky was raising such a ruckus in the kennel that the doctor implored me to come pick him up!

When I arrived at the vet’s office minutes later, I was dumbstruck at the complete change in the physical picture from less than 18 hours earlier. All symptoms of parvo had vanished, and I could hardly hold the puppy back as he bounded out of the kennel. It was as if I had changed the television channel from a horror movie to a comedy. Rocky needed no recovery time or special diet. Any sign that the problem had ever occurred had disappeared.

When you consider that God’s laws are universal, it makes sense that the protecting arm of omnipresent Love would be as powerful for our pets as it is for each of us as God’s ideas. This experience has proven to me that no matter what the circumstances, we can trust that our Father-Mother God loves and cares for all. 

Helen Stevermer
Leawood, Kansas, US

Bible Lens
August 30, 2021

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