No shortage in God’s “supply chain”

In many places in the world today, businesses are said to be running low on all kinds of goods and services. “You name it, and we have a shortage on it,” is how the CEO of one large United States manufacturer describes it (Brendan Murray, Enda Curran, Kim Chipman, “The World Economy is Suddenly Running Low on Everything,”, May 17, 2021). He added that customers are trying to get everything they can now because they expect the shortages to extend into next year.

Rather than stockpiling raw materials and finished products, though, we can choose a very different, inexhaustible resource to double down on. And that’s prayer. Not a prayer that asks for things, but a spiritual understanding that challenges notions of limitation, including the notion that we’re sliding inevitably toward acute imbalance between supply and demand in the wake of the pandemic and that it will take time to replenish and recover.

Timeless, tireless being
August 30, 2021

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