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It’s natural to gain an ever-broadening sense of what we can entrust to God’s healing power, which embraces humanity, sheltering one and all.
It’s precisely because we are, in our true being, not physical at all but purely spiritual—each of us a reflection of the Divine­—that music touches us so deeply.
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Right where evil seemed to rear its head in dramatic fashion, right there we could celebrate God’s presence and rejoice in His power to supply freedom, peace, and security.
Even in times of crisis, our thoughts can expand in reaching hungry hearts and blessing them with healing.
TeenConnect: Your Healings
This counselor-in-training should have been looking forward to the adventures of white-water rafting during a high-water year. Instead, she felt stuck in a fog of fear. But as she turned to the Bible and Science and Health, she found answers that helped both her and her rafting buddies.
Testimony of Healing

Distorted hearing corrected

I understood that a reflection is a full, not a partial experience. Perfect God is the original, and perfect man—in this case, me—is His reflection. It was clear to me that this reflection could never be distorted or delayed. 
Testimony of Healing
Through my prayer, it became increasingly clear that because divine Love is encircling its entire creation, pain can have no real cause or existence, and therefore I could not experience it.
Testimony of Healing

Healed of a burn

I held my thought in line with these statements of Truth, and within a few minutes the pain ceased. I thanked God for this freedom as I enjoyed our family meal.
Bible Lens


For Paul, true self-assessment comes through faith and shows all ability to be God-given.

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