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Finding true freedom

God, Spirit, is the real source and essence of freedom—fearless and limitless Life.
Keeping Watch

Live to love!

Nothing need distract us from following through with our divine calling of living to love. It’s our top priority. 


Enjoy this week’s poetic offering.

When you think of God as Soul

To think of God as Soul instead of imagining soul as personal and subject to the vagaries of material conditions is to see kindness, provision, inspiration—all sorts of spiritual resources—as present, even when those good gifts might not seem immediately apparent.
As my future wife explained the concept of material existence as an incorrect understanding of a good God’s creation, I was intrigued enough to try to understand what she was talking about.
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Ever thought you had your plans all figured out, only to discover you were headed in the wrong direction? This author did­ and struggled to know what to do. Turning to God for guidance wasn’t her first thought, but she was so glad when she did.
Testimony of Healing

Forgiveness brings freedom

The Christ-spirit, imbibed through regular study of the Sermon on the Mount, had moved my heart from smoldering hatred to pure affection.
Testimony of Healing
As I prayed, I recalled that it was Sunday morning, and it occurred to me that Christian Science church services would be in progress during the day throughout the world. At that moment, I had a wonderful sense of being actively included in those healing services.
Testimony of Healing
My consciousness was so filled with divine Love that all else was excluded. In an instant, I went from being very fearful about my daughter’s well-being to being completely at peace.
Bible Lens


God’s presence “in the midst of thee” brings deliverance and salvation.

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