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Urgently needed

[Lyle Young, “How you can help end the pandemic,” Sentinel, March 22, 2021]

Thank you for this important article. This is what the world urgently needs to hear to stop the pandemic of fear and the “waves” of COVID-19 and its variations.

Joy Hinman, via JSH-Online.com

Rereading whole issues

When I heard about the Sentinel redesign, I must say I was thinking, “Why mess with something that’s already so wonderful?” But this has worked out well! I should have been more open-minded; just as with the old Sentinel, I end up reading—and now rereading—the whole thing. With the shorter format, I’ve found it easier to reread whole issues. So far, so good!

David Hugh Smith, Brookline, Massachusetts, US

Bible Lens 

For Sentinel readers who like to save each week’s Bible Lens, we’ve provided a cutting line on the inside of the page, showing the right distance from the fold to cut without making other pages fall out.

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