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We’re each created to enjoy and express the fullness of God’s goodness, which is more than enough.
I continue to learn more about how Jesus healed by discerning the thought of individuals, and seeing beneath the surface of physical symptoms to the critical issue at hand.
Prayer in Christian Science can dissipate the “vain dreams” and fears of addiction by revealing the truth of our life in God.

The sweetest attraction

As my desire for God grew, I became more alert to the mentally and physically unhealthful nature of my passion for candy. It felt addictive.
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Gaming addiction—gone!

At first this gamer’s constant drive to level up didn’t seem like a big deal. But when she couldn’t even keep herself from playing during class, she knew gaming had changed from something fun into an addiction. Read on to find out how Christian Science helped her find freedom.
As my fear diminished, I was able to breathe freely again, and that was the end of the difficulty.
One thought that occurred to me was how often I felt tempted to eat almost automatically, without thinking, sometimes when I wasn’t even hungry. I realized that my appetite had become like another god to me, controlling my behavior in ways I didn’t like.

No more toothache

The pain completely disappeared, and it never returned. The teeth remain intact. This experience has strengthened my spiritual understanding.

The goldfinch

Enjoy this week’s poetic offering.
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