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From the readers

[Anila Kumari, “The perspective that reveals abundance,” Sentinel, June 15, 2020]
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I began to see the need for specific prayer to gain a clearer sense of what true home is—a more spiritual sense.
We are not the medium of evil or disease, but reflect and express God’s goodness and harmony. 
As God sees us, everyone reflects only the divine nature, unaffected by human opinions.

Christ brings us home

I came “home” to my true nature and rejoiced. 

Friendships that bless

It’s not about fixing friendships; it’s about knowing our relation to God, divine Love. 
Something we’ve been talking about a lot in our house is how to help when we see unfair treatment.
Testimony of Healing

Quickly healed after near-fatal fall

I spent my elementary school summers swimming with friends at a local pool.
Testimony of Healing
Years ago I found myself out of work for the first time.
Testimony of Healing
It was January and a Sunday morning—the last Sunday of my three-year term as Second Reader, helping conduct services at my local Church of Christ, Scientist.
Image and Inspiration
We can let the gentle messages from divine Love really soak in and help us feel safe.
Bible Lens

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