Friendships that bless

How to mend a friendship, how to be a better friend, or how to find friends—these are things we can go to our Father-Mother God with in prayer. Relationships can be complicated, it seems. But we can pray about how to have more loving relationships, because God Herself is Love.

Instead of praying in an attempt to find friends, we can turn to God completely and better understand what God is. “God is love,” the Bible’s book of First John says (4:16). Therefore, Love always is, always was, and always will be. The Bible also talks about our indestructible relation to God as Her children (see, for example, Galatians 3:26), and Christ Jesus came to show the world that we live in Love’s presence and care. A clear understanding of God as Love—and of the spiritual fact that our relation to divine Love is intact—is a constant prayer that brings peace and healing to all areas of our experience, because while circumstances change, divine Love is permanent. Love loves. Love shows us that we can love and are loved. When we see that we are divinely loved, we no longer feel that we need popularity, personal validation, or the presence of others to feel OK. In prayer, a clearer view of our relation to God as Her spiritual child enables us to understand that God brings Her ideas together in ways that bless. 

July 27, 2020

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