Let’s help the world by living the Golden Rule

Something we’ve been talking about a lot in our house is how to help when we see unfair treatment. Maybe you’ve felt treated unfairly before—like by an older brother or sister. Or maybe you’ve seen people treated unfairly because they look or seem different. One thing a lot of people are becoming more aware of right now is that there is a pattern of not-nice treatment of people of color, especially Black people. This isn’t fair, but it’s been happening for such a long time that many people do it without even realizing it.

This unfair treatment happens all over: in our schools, in sports, in our towns, and many other places, too. It is called systemic racism. But we don’t need to accept it as normal. So our family wanted to think about what we can do to change things. How we can pray. 

Testimony of Healing
Quickly healed after near-fatal fall
July 27, 2020

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