Are you buying it?

The girl on my Instagram story was eating a special brand of crackers, and I was intrigued—not so much by the crackers, but by her toned physique and apparently charmed existence. On my next trip to the grocery store, I got a box of these crackers for myself. And when I ripped open the package to try them, I had to admit they were good … but they didn’t give me the girl’s “perfect” life.

Because really, on some level, that’s why I’d bought the crackers: I wanted to believe that following in that girl’s footsteps might get me just a little more of what she had—and what I didn’t. Of course, I knew rationally that eating the same food as some girl on social media wasn’t going to give me the life I was imagining. Yet the places inside me that felt lacking helped convince me that if I could just be a little more like her, I might finally feel good about myself.

January 27, 2020

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