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From the readers

What’s your story?
On the web: The JSH-Online.

Are you buying it?

Wholeness is what we’re all searching for.
We were leaving superficial standards behind.

God makes burdens light

We can experience freedom when tasked with heavy responsibilities.
Mind’s eternal, spiritual ideas move about within the certainty of infinite Mind’s knowing.

From disdain to respect

Because man is made in the likeness of God, each one
of us is inherently worthy of respect.
TeenConnect: Your Healings
After an accident on the ski slopes, this teen turned to a familiar hymn for help and found comfort, calm, and healing.
Testimony of Healing

Son freed from head pain

One night, I was woken up by my youngest boy, who needed some help.
Testimony of Healing

Skin growth removed through prayer

I have been blessed by growing up in a family where Christian Science was lived and loved.
Testimony of Healing
My husband and I were on a trip to Monument Valley in Utah when we had a reminder of the power of divine Mind to correct and eliminate doubt and fear.
Image and Inspiration

'Thy radiance is so pure ...'

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The Christ-idea is an influencer everyone needs to be increasingly touched by
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