My deepest questions answered

Midway through college, I found myself in an especially rough place. Over about a year and a half, several individuals I cared about, including a beloved college friend and my cat, had passed on. Not only was I sad and angry, but I also felt confused. A deep question surfaced from within: Why? Why all of the hurt when there was also so much good in my life? How was it possible to have both, when they felt so drastically different? This launched me on a quest for answers. 

Soon I started to find them. In various books I came across ideas that gave me a larger sense of existence. I found myself talking with people from all walks of life—conversations that left us with a feeling of a bigger-than-us type of experience. I wasn’t quite able to articulate what I was learning, but I was gaining a sense that the purpose of life is grander than what I’d previously considered.

Testimony of Healing
Healing restores love of Christian Science
September 30, 2019

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