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Note to readers

Welcome to this issue of the Christian Science Sentinel! Every piece in this issue has been written by writers in their twenties and thirties, in line with the upcoming “Being a Force for Good” summit being held in Boston from October 11 to 13.
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How can I be a solution?

Any inspiration to do good is, by definition, from God, who is the source of all good.

Tackling global issues—with prayer

We’re facing some daunting global problems, but Love is providing answers.

Love clears the way

For two years I worked as a mentor for high school students from under-served backgrounds.

Defeat distraction

I stopped looking forward to doing other things and started loving what I had to do that moment.
During the summers after my sophomore and junior years in college, I worked as an intern with the United States House of Representatives in Washington, DC.

No-fear parenting

Knowing that God is caring for us enables us to better parent our daughter.

Church: A force for good (part one)

As individuals, we are each a force for good as we grow spiritually and bring to bear on all that we do a sense of the healing Christ.
How I Found Christian Science
Midway through college, I found myself in an especially rough place.
Testimony of Healing
When I was young, I attended a boarding school organized by Christian Scientists, which I found helpful in many ways.
Testimony of Healing

Illness isn’t inevitable

The Bible, which I study to deepen my understanding of God, assures us, “Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty”.
Testimony of Healing
Today I’m going to go beyond my limits.


Moving Spiritward can never Put us at odds with our neighbor.
Image and Inspiration

'And he said to them ...'

Proving God true in the details of our lives helps guide thought to that bigger sense of hope.
Bible Lens

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