Entertaining ‘angels unawares’

Late one night in a downtown Prague hotel, I returned to my room from the hall bathroom in my bathrobe and nightgown. As I set down my armload of items, an intuition prompted me to lock and bolt the door, right now! Without delay, I quickly did so. No sooner had I latched it than I heard someone jiggling the doorknob, trying unsuccessfully to force the door open. If the thought hadn’t come when it had, or if I had delayed a few seconds, this stranger would have entered my room. 

To this day, I am deeply grateful for the spiritual intuition that kept me safe at a time when I was alone and far from my American home, traveling abroad during the Cold War for my Slavic languages master’s degree thesis. I knew that this intuition to act was a message straight from God.

How I Found Christian Science
‘I felt my life was about to change’
May 27, 2019

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