Healed of chronic headaches, sleep apnea, and panic attacks

With deep gratitude I submit a record of healings that proved to me God’s ever-presence and my oneness with Him. Early in my work with a Christian Science practitioner regarding some physical problems, it became unmistakably clear that I was really after far more than just healing of the body. What I needed most was reformation of character. I wanted to have a consistent sense of my oneness with God as His loved child, and not be continually plagued by doubts about my worthiness, which often led my thoughts down dark paths. 

I believed that if I could only become good enough, I would then be deserving of God’s mercy and could be healed of my physical troubles. However, Christian Science teaches that man is already the idea of omnipotent divine Mind, and that each of us is always at the point of perfection, confidence, serenity, and rejoicing. The practitioner lovingly and persistently took her stand for my present worthiness and oneness with God, and she gently helped me take this stand for myself. It was during this time that I began to truly understand how to pray. I learned that effective prayer is knowing the absolute truth about God and man and persistently claiming it for myself. 

Testimony of Healing
Motorcycle accident injuries healed
September 17, 2018

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