Divine mothering heals baby’s earache

One day after preschool, my three children and I were joined by another mom and her three children, who were the same age as mine. The kitchen was full as we served the children a snack. The five-year-olds, three-year-olds, and one of the one-year-olds were happily talking, eating, and playing with their food. But our daughter, the other one-year-old, began to cry and hold her ear. 

The other mother, in an effort to be helpful, explained that this is how an earache starts, and that the only thing to relieve the pain would be medication. She offered to go to the store to purchase the kind she used with her children, but I explained that I would prefer to spend some quiet time with the little one and pray for her. The mother agreed to finish the lunch supervision for the other children and to set up my two older boys in their room before heading home with her own kids. 

Testimony of Healing
God met my family’s needs
September 17, 2018

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