Healing of breast pain

I was awakened one morning by quick, sharp pains in one breast that recurred a few more times that day. I pretty much ignored them until the next day, when they persisted, occurring more often. Then I turned to God in prayer, knowing that His loving, caring presence was the only presence, right then and there. I knew from the Bible that God, Spirit, is the only creator, and that everything He made is “very good” (Genesis 1:31 ). Thus, all substance, including mine, must be spiritual, immortal, and indestructible, and must therefore be incapable of causing or experiencing anything harmful or uncomfortable.

Throughout the day, I contemplated these and other truths. A favorite citation from page 151 of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy was very reassuring: “Fear never stopped being and its action.… Every function of the real man is governed by the divine Mind. The human mind has no power to kill or to cure, and it has no control over God’s man. The divine Mind that made man maintains His own image and likeness.” These ideas helped to calm my anxious thought.

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'Through the harsh noises of our day ...'
November 12, 2018

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