True identity

Many people identify themselves in material terms, according to things such as their race, place of birth, occupation, and personal accomplishments. When we first meet someone, we might ask, “Where are you from? What do you do for work?” We link ourselves so closely with merely human characteristics and events that they seem to become our identity. Material identity labels are everywhere: introvert, athlete, techie, artist, disease survivor, and so on. 

But material identity labels cannot reveal what we truly are. The Bible teaches that man (men and women) is made in the image and likeness of God, Spirit (see Genesis 1:26, 27). Therefore, the true identity of each one of us is spiritual, not material. Spiritual identity, as opposed to material identity, is based purely on the nature of God, and is found only in God. 

Dissolve the ‘self trifecta’ with Love
February 6, 2017

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