Guilt gone, leg healed

On a rainy Wednesday morning after we’d had a strong wind, I went out to pick up branches that had blown down. On a slight incline, I slipped. I twisted and turned to try to stop my fall but went down hard on the wet ground. My first thought was that as a child of God, I could not in reality have an accident. God is omnipresent, so I could never be outside of His care and protection.

Though I was able to get up, the pain was excruciating. I made it back into my house but couldn’t go any farther. I called my husband, who was upstairs, on my cellphone and asked him to contact a Christian Science practitioner. She immediately began to pray for me. Despite some difficulty walking, I was able to attend an important community event that afternoon and even went to dinner with officials who were in town for the event. 

Testimony of Healing
A glimpse of God’s preservation
December 12, 2016

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