Our eternal, ageless identity

Have you ever found yourself pulled into a conversation, or a commercial on television, about aging or the physical challenges that seem to be attributed to growing older? I’ve sometimes noticed friends and colleagues talking about aches and pains in the body or some illness associated with aging, and at times I have been tempted to contribute to those conversations myself. But I strive to be alert and quickly and silently to affirm everyone’s true, spiritual freedom from any such pains or illnesses through the understanding of our true spiritual identity.

We learn in Christian Science that the physical senses—seeing, hearing, etc.—don’t tell the true story about our real being. We don’t have to accept what the physical senses tell us about who we are. We are spiritual ideas of God, not aging mortals. God knows us and all His children as immortal, always and forever reflecting Him, divine Life and Love—and by holding our thoughts firmly in line with this spiritual truth, we can demonstrate more of the qualities of immortality in our lives.

Metaphors, analogies, and spiritual reality
July 20, 2015

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