Freed from knee trouble and headaches

During World War II, I was a member of the First Australian Parachute Battalion. About ten years ago I attended a meeting of the Queensland Branch of the Australian Paratroopers Association. There were only five other members there besides me, and I learned that they all had had knee replacements, or were waiting for them. 

Not long after this, I found that I was having great difficulty with my knees and had to install a stairlift, as it became hard to manage the stairs. It was obvious to me that since I had not experienced any problems with my knees previously, I had accepted the belief that I could expect this problem. The mental nature of this difficulty was clear, and the place it had to be handled was in my thinking. It did not matter how many others believed that a material cause, such as age or rigorous activities, could curtail man’s capabilities. In eternal Mind, which created all to express God’s perfection, there is no material cause and no deterioration or diminishment. 

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How excellent is thy lovingkindness
October 5, 2015

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