Abundance after divorce

When I went through a divorce a number of years ago, I tried to keep myself above the fray, above the suggestions of fear, lack, and loneliness, but it was difficult at best. One of my greatest fears was that I would have to pay my ex-wife a substantial amount of money each month for the rest of her life, and then I wouldn’t have enough for myself or any future family I might have. I also thought of the home I was going to lose, the debt I was going to be burdened with, and the friends I was going to go without. I envisioned myself alone, broke, and broken.

As time went by and my fears hadn’t diminished, I called a Christian Science practitioner for prayerful help. I don’t recall everything she said or the quotes she read to me from the Bible and the writings of Mary Baker Eddy, but I do recall her telling me that I needed to be the love, strength, and abundance I wanted to experience in my life—that I needed to stop giving in to fear and speculation about what my life might look like after the divorce. 

Testimony of Healing
Only good can go around
July 14, 2014

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