Healed while hiking

Last June I was on a vacation in Yosemite National Park with my grandson. We were climbing over a lot of boulders as big as cars and trucks. My grandson was moving pretty fast, and I was right behind him—most of the time. At one point, though, my boot caught momentarily in a notch between boulders, and I fell backward about ten feet. 

My thigh landed squarely on a smaller, sharp-edged boulder. My hands were cut and bleeding, and the pain in my thigh was intense. For a minute I was dazed and totally focused on the pain, but thanks to what Christian Science has taught me, I quickly remembered that I’m the manifestation of God, perfect Spirit, not a bundle of material muscles, bones, and so on. In reality, I was not subject to a material environment, but living and moving as a perfect idea in Mind, God. As the Bible puts it, “For in him we live, and move, and have our being” (Acts 17:28).

Testimony of Healing
The healing power of thanksgiving
November 24, 2014

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