Lupus healed

Originally written in Spanish, this testimony appears in the January 2013 Spanish, Portuguese, French, and German editions of The Herald of Christian Science.

Sometime back, I had to travel to an area in Honduras, which is five hours away from my home, to help take inventory of a store. As soon as I arrived, I was treated to seafood, and immediately after that I went to work. Soon I began to feel a very cold sweat rolling down my forehead. I felt feverish and so unsteady that I thought I was going to faint. I thought it was because of the hot weather, which was close to 40° C (104 F°) and had an energizing drink to try to regain my strength. But then I felt so nauseous that the store manager gave me some medicine for my stomach. I took it, but still didn’t feel well. I returned home the next day. The discomfort disappeared, and I didn’t pay any more attention to it.

However, a few days later, the high temperature returned along with great discomfort in my whole body. I went to see a doctor, who first thought my blood had been poisoned with the seafood I had eaten, and he prescribed some pills. The discomfort persisted, and when I saw him again, his final diagnosis was that I was suffering from a severe kidney infection. Then he said that because of my condition, I couldn’t take any more medication.

Testimony of Healing
Fear fails to overwhelm
September 2, 2013

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