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Certain developments, both within and outside of church, had been troubling me because their long-term effects seemed unpredictable.

A diet you can stick to

Evan Mehlenbacher, a practitioner and teacher of Christian Science, based in Richland, Washington, was the guest on the JSH-Online Web chat “A spiritual diet you can stick to.


Forgiven, beloved, forgiving, redeemed,  from illness, sin, and fear released;through revelation restored and refreshed—by Christ-cleansing, renewed and blessed.

'What's it to you?'

Human love can be a slippery slope.

I was seeking healing

Our teacher said that each of us was like those lovely roses: unfolding and blossoming at our own pace.

Love above all

Eventually, I was forced to admit that divine Love was neither to blame nor powerless.
Spiritual Lens

Infinite expression

Our sharing of God’s beautymore than slightly showsthe amplitude of loveHe bestows.
In the Christian Science Bible Lesson

Impossible? Not to God!

We’ve all encountered challenges that seem impossible to surmount such as spiraling debt, a debilitating illness, a natural disaster.
Spiritual Perspective on Books
On our JSH.

Biking blessings

Love is necessary for the world to be harmonious.
Testimony of Healing
Past healings have taught me that since I am the image and likeness of God, illness and disease are no part of my real being.
Testimony of Healing

No longer depressed

Many years ago, when my mother had become severely depressed and was not herself, it seemed right to have her come and live with us.
Testimony of Healing

Forgiveness ends flu

Several years ago, I stayed home from work because I was sick with the flu and felt miserable.
Testimony of Healing
A few years ago, I was alarmed to find that my hearing was becoming very weak.
From the Editors

Truth over tabloids

Christian Science gives us the tools to meet life's story lines with spiritual counter facts.

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