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I just finished the article by Kim Shippey in the August 13 Sentinel called “In danger, a reporter prays.

Uppercase or lowercase E?

Christian Scientists love the Bible, particularly the King James Version, which is primarily used in church services and in the weekly Bible Lesson.
There’s a lot more to you than looks, clothes, and other material “stuff.”

I hear music

Humility takes center stage in the career of a Broadway songwriter.
We have a lot to learn from Jesus.
We don’t need to fear that evil is inevitable because God is always sending good.

Studied and approved

What are we actually studying, and where are we seeking approval?

The real trophy

He learns to follow God’s direction in an internship and a new sport.

The Poet and His poem

We are a living poem, composed by an inspired Poet.
The Touch of Class

Out of the prison of fear, and into class

“Fear cannot survive in this atmosphere of Love. It will die here.” 
How I Found Christian Science

'An overwhelming sense of peace'

I began affirming the goodness of everyone–The staff, the inmates, and me.
Through a Spiritual Lens

Springs of water

A photo feature.
Sentinel Watch

Why violence is not natural to men

Questions about the relationship of violence and men are being asked in the aftermath of mass shootings in Texas, Wisconsin, and Colorado.
In the Christian Science Bible Lesson

Our way is secure

Understanding reality changes lives for the better.
Church Alive

Abundant solutions

I now look forward to welcoming visitors to our spiritual resource center.
Items of Interest
Respect, it’s grabbing a lot of attention lately, and deservedly so.
Items of Interest
A small stone seal found recently in the excavations of Tel Beit Shemesh could be the first archaeological evidence of the story of the biblical Samson.
Testimony of Healing
I’d like to share several healings I’ve experienced through prayer since I began studying Christian Science at age 14.
Testimony of Healing
A few years ago, when I was 13, doctors diagnosed me with a serious and incurable disease.
Testimony of Healing

Healed of cold symptoms

Where I live, medication for colds and allergies is constantly paraded on TV and in other media.
From the Editors
Man is destined and predestined for perfection, joy, and satisfaction by infinite divine Love.

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