Back pain disappears

Several months ago I was moving some trash around in the garage, and I slung a heavy basket of recycled newspapers toward a bin. At the time, I didn’t notice any discomfort, but after a few hours I found I couldn’t reach or move in certain ways without sharp pain from the back of my neck, down my back and shoulder. I would have to sit down and catch my breath, my eyes would tear up, and it seemed as though I would lose consciousness. In a few minutes the pain would subside, but then I would move the wrong way again and almost faint from the pain. 

I assumed the condition would go away in a short time—but it did not. In my prayer for healing, I concentrated on the presence of God and His goodness; I was thinking of the importance of God’s power and my right activity as His reflection. Having had many healings in the past, I persisted in studying the Christian Science Bible Lesson, the Sentinel, The Christian Science Journal, and Mary Baker Eddy’s writings. At times I was tempted to wonder: “When is this going to stop? Why am I not healed yet?” However, by moving carefully, I could continue with my daily activities, and I took comfort in the fact that no one could tell that I was injured. 

Toward the end of the second week, I became very discouraged. I felt as though I had done everything I should to be healed, and nothing was happening. I wasn’t even getting better slowly. Then the thought came to me, very strongly and suddenly, “If you knew, absolutely knew, that someone was telling you a lie—would you believe it?” “Of course not,” I replied to myself. “How ridiculous is that!” The lesson for me here was that I needed to deny the lie my body was telling me about a human event, and concentrate instead on what was really true about me. Putting up with the pain, as I had been doing, was catering to the lie. 

Testimony of Healing
Hearing restored
August 6, 2012

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