The following was written in support of Church Alive, a focus of The First Church of Christ, Scientist, that explores the meaning and possibilities of awakening to the spiritual basis and impact of Church.  

A deeper understanding of Church brings healing

As I was praying one day about church and Christian Science’s role in the world, I came across this passage from Leviticus: “And I will walk among you, and will be your God, and ye shall be my people” (26:12). I had read this verse many times before, but because I was now looking for ideas that would help me to better pray for the world, it stood out to me and caught my attention. I started thinking that I could take Church—“the structure of Truth and Love”—with me everywhere. So I began to pray many times during the day with the whole definition of Church from Science and Health (see p. 583).

I also prayed to understand more deeply the passages in the chapter “Footsteps of Truth” in Science and Health where Mary Baker Eddy talks about how slavery was abolished in the United States. She says that “God has built a higher platform of human rights, and He has built it on diviner claims” (Science and Health, p. 226). As I continued to read, I thought about how “the utterance of truth is designed to rebuke and destroy error” (Science and Health, p. 233). By taking Church with me everywhere, I realized that Christian Science would reach everyone I came in contact with.

Spiritual Focus on Books
Dismantling our idols
February 6, 2012

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