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Messages in the “Mountaintop prayers” Sentinel.

The joy of learning and growing

On Strawberry Hill Road, just a couple of miles from my home, sits a charming two-story gray building.
Items of Interest
A small Christian Science group that runs a tiny nursing home in Encinitas started a relief fund earlier this year to help survivors of Japan’s devastating earthquake and has now raised more than $138,000, say the somewhat surprised organizers of the effort.
Items of Interest

E-book version of Science and Health now available

Authorized editions of Science and Health are now available in e-book format! An e-book is an electronic format of a book that is designed to be read primarily on a dedicated e-reader device like the NookTM or Kindle or on a tablet like an iPad® or Motorola Xoom®.
Items of Interest
Nearly three-quarters of Sweden’s population of 9.

Persistent, healing prayer

It's important to begin our prayers with God, rather than the problem, and to hold the line.

Committed to progress and healing

The author finds healing from a stubborn physical issue.

From disability to ability

A reading disability throughout her school years doesn't hold this author back from praying for healing.
After a divorce, it's possible to find release from feelings of regret.

The benefits of keeping calm

Some years ago a fitter laid new vinyl cover in a kitchen of a flat I let.

Saved from financial ruin

The willingness to give up human planning and outlining after a job loss opens the way for God's rich blessing.
Your Daily Lift

Clean room

I used to work in a semiconductor manufacturing industry, where I first got acquainted with the words clean room.

Race and reflect

A teen race car driver shares what motivates her.
A boy from Mexico tells about a healing he had.

Keeping in touch

The President of The Mother Church, Marta Greenwood, of London, England, is not only a Christian Science practitioner and teacher, but also serves on the Christian Science Board of Lectureship.
Lifting ideas outside the limitations of the human scene as we know it enables one to look at them in a different light.
How I Found Christian Science

My world was changed

Every night the Bible and Science and Health gave me all the inspiration and knowledge I needed.
Sentinel Watch
This observation suggests a striking possibility: that by refusing to accept erroneous behavior as legitimate, we can actually reduce it.
In the Christian Science Bible Lesson

A harvest of healing

Practical spiritual insight saves the crop and destroys the tares.
Testimony of Healing

Grief healed, mobility restored

One Wednesday in the summer of 2008, I found it impossible to go to work or to take proper care of myself at home.
Testimony of Healing
This past Easter Sunday my husband and I were in Boston, and we attended The Mother Church.
Testimony of Healing
I will never forget the first healing I had, which set the stage for a lifetime of blessings in Christian Science.
From the Editors
The Christian Scientist accepts and strives to demonstrate that health is not a material state, dependent on the physical body. Equally true is the healthy state of one’s security.

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