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Day by day Christian Science inspiration is unfolding, bringing wonderful healing articles.

A decade of healing progress

As Americans and those across the world unite to think back on both the tragedy and the heroism seen on 9/11, we can also cherish the spiritual progress that has come about in the years since.
Items of Interest
Often accused of ignoring religion as they craft foreign policy, the White House and State Department are trying to show that religion is a rising priority for US diplomacy.
Items of Interest
“Lord, open the King of England’s eyes!”
Items of Interest
With the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks approaching, 93 percent of Muslim Americans say they are loyal to the United States.
As we make a fresh start, how can we contribute to peace and learn to see our neighbor in a new way, too?
While "speed bumps" remain, Love has been supporting restoration and healing in NYC all along.
In the News–A Spiritual Perspective

Holding guard and healing post 9/11

Each one is God’s spiritual idea and is able to transcend hatred, rivalry, fear, and envy as Christ speaks in their hearts. Our prayers can support the proof of this spiritual fact.

Soul of a dancer

A choreographer and dance instructor finds inspiration to tackle her long to-do list.

Peace is a power

A teen shares her summer camp healing.
A mom shares her prayers about trusting God's protection, especially when children aren't by their parent's side.
Church Alive
We realized that some of the younger students might enjoy hearing and learning from our older students. 

For the love of sports

An aversion to sports melts into an appreciation for the goodness of God they represent.

A walk down ‘Harmony Lane’

Read what this author did when faced with frustration and fear.
Spiritual Focus on Books

Writers who bring ‘delight to heaven’

A book for those we might call literary-minded readers of all religious persuasions.
Sentinel Watch
More than a year after the Gulf Coast oil spill, important questions remain unanswered.
In the Christian Science Bible Lesson
Fundamental to the understanding of substance is faith. 
Testimony of Healing

Vision condition healed

One morning when my wife and I were about to leave on a seven-hour car trip, I awoke and found that the vision in my left eye was distorted.
Testimony of Healing

Pain in abdomen healed

My family was introduced to Christian Science in the early 1940s after witnessing the healing of our neighbor’s dog.
Testimony of Healing

A quick healing

One morning several years ago, I began to feel some prickly numbness in my left foot, much like an ice skater feels when he or she has skated in cold weather a little too long and takes the skates off so the foot will “wake up” again.
From the Editors
To pray scientifically is not just to hope for an answer, but to expect results that heal because they are based on divine law. 

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