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The article by Matt Schmidt “Questions and grounded answers,” on page 12 in the Sentinel of February 21.

On your marks!

It’s hard to escape the feeling these days that in media coverage of sports, off-field activities get more prominence than the games themselves.
Items of Interest
I love it when stereotypes dissolve and reveal a new, more accurate view.
Items of Interest

Willing to serve

I was in India introducing a course titled “Culture, Ethnicity, and Diversity” to a class of Nepali Christian leaders.
Items of Interest
For most [players], whether they’re journeymen or perennial All-Stars, Baseball Chapel services are an important segment of their week.
Sentinel Watch
Your own non-reaction and spiritual approach can help calm another’s thought, bring new perspectives and insights that unify. 
In the Christian Science Bible Lesson

A shining prayer of unity

The Father-Mother embraces all creation in a universal family.

A night bright with light

Our loving Father-Mother God is insistent and will not leave us in darkness.
Church Alive
Often passages caused the teens to pause and bring up situations in their own lives that have been helped by getting a deeper understanding of those passages.

Going wireless with life

Spiritual devotion frees us up to love more expansively.
Excerpts from a live Sentinel Web chat with Tony Lobl.
Participating in sports can impel us to increase our understanding of God and Christian Science.
Is his dream to play under the Friday night lights the right path for this player?
A coach discovers her players have a lot to teach her about life on and off the volleyball court.

At the wheel with a professional race-car driver

If you believe, as I do, that you’re out there doing God’s work, you can expect protection—not just
for yourself but for everybody involved.  
How are prayer and activity compatible?
When party plans threaten to ruin her team's chances, this teen prays.
Testimony of Healing
During my freshman year at Principia College, I had an amazing experience that proved to me how a change in thought can manifest itself in the body.
Testimony of Healing
I love running because of the freedom, grace, and joy I am able to express while I run—whether I’m dodging pedestrians on busy city sidewalks, cruising open trails, or hightailing it around a track.
Testimony of Healing
Ever since I was a teenager I had suffered from “cluster headaches” and for many years sought a cure for it.
From the Editors

Exposed only to Love

The Almighty shields His offspring from harm with the undeniable certainty of Science.  

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