A spiritual defense of human rights

For millennia, human beings have been taken into slavery and have served masters—some of whom were kind and others heartless and cruel. 

The Bible not only gives instruction on how the Hebrews are to treat their slaves (see Lev. 25), but it also describes how Hebrews captured in war and taken to serve in other countries were treated (see Dan. 1:1–16). What’s interesting is so many accounts reveal how even during their time of captivity, God’s power and presence were with them. As a result, these enslaved people attained prominence. Joseph and Daniel, both men who loved God, rose to high positions in the governments they ended up serving. “A little maid” who had been taken captive totally changed the life of the Syrian captain, Naaman, whose leprosy was cured by Elisha (II Kings 5:1–14). 

May 23, 2011

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