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I cannot tell you how much I have recently appreciated the Sentinel for being such a calming, fortifying, and eye-opening tool in my life.

Guided by our shepherd

Caring for children is a big topic.
Items of Interest
We’ve all seen classic signs outside eateries.
Items of Interest
In Roseland, one of Chicago’s most dangerous neighborhoods, many residents stay off the streets to protect themselves from rampant gang violence.
Sentinel Watch

Progress in Ivory Coast

Error shouts and protests the most as its nothingness is made apparent by our continued recognition and affirmation of the allness of good.
In the Christian Science Bible Lesson
There is no reason to fear evil of any sort, but every reason to rise up against it, denounce it, and destroy it. 
In the News–A Spiritual Perspective

A spiritual defense of human rights

As spiritual ideas of Love, we are designed to love; we are not designed to hate or to act hatefully.


A fresh conception of God's love leads to a beautiful healing for this teen.
A girl from Massachusetts share a pretty cool healing of her foot.
Church Alive

Pentecostal momentum

There seemed to be an unusually clear and collective sense of the immediacy of God’s presence, and of our dominion. 

Our one true Parent

Moms, dads–everyone–can turn to our divine Parent for guidance and care.

Filling a father’s shoes

A conversation with parenting author Julia Espey.
A father prays for his grown son when he is deployed to Afghanistan.
A father prays for his daughter after a bicycle accident.

Our children—safe in Love

A mother finds that trusting her children to God's ever-present care keeps them safe.
It's actually a whole lot easier to lean on God for answers than on ourselves!

The only path

No illusory deviation down the      path of pretense’s makingCan muffle God’s voice or      prevent me from takingThe infallible way the Shepherd      has providedTreading with sure steps,      unerringly guided
Testimony of Healing

Healed of alcoholism

In the past I used to live two lives.
Testimony of Healing

Immobility dissolved

At one point during the year 2008, I began to experience pain in my joints and muscles.
Testimony of Healing

Jaw infection healed

I took Christian Science Primary class instruction in 1983, and every year we still meet for our class association meeting.
From the Editors
Divine Love chooses us each day — chooses to stay by our side, nourish and nurture us, keeping a watchful eye on our well-being.

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