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I wish to express my thanks for the article by Marjorie Kehe, “Hit the snooze button on prayer?

Do some spiritual shining

How well I remember interviewing a Christian Science practitioner whose life was as filled with light as the Oklahoma wheat fields in which her parents had once toiled.
Items of Interest
Christians in Egypt are hoping that the protests in the country will lead to more freedom for them, according to George, a church pastor who partners with Open Doors in Egypt.
Items of Interest
Wealth has funded social goals, self-interests, educational grants, lavish spending, political clout, you name it.
Holy Land photos can enhance the Bible Lessons in the Christian Science Quarterly by showing where Jesus and his disciples lived, worked, and healed.
Sentinel Watch
The overcoming of hatred starts in our prayers, when we recognize
 Father-Mother God as Creator of all.
In the Christian Science Bible Lesson

Who are we?

Christian Science establishes equality among God’s sons and daughters.

A voice that constantly speaks to us

The author tells how she regained her health by listening to and following the Christ-truth.

Steps away from self

How can we be our best under the stress of circumstances?

God’s light

The light of divine Love dissolves the dense fog      of mesmerizing past mistakes.
In the News–A Spiritual Perspective
Join this writer from India to pray about putting a stop to global corruption.

Let’s be luminous

Acknowledging God as the immediate cause of one's light, value, and abilities has a healing, enlightening effect.
A volunteer prison chaplain writes about sharing Christian Science with inmates.

A healing light

A Christian Science nurse shares how forgetting self in helping others forwards healing.

In God’s spotlight

Do you want to be a star?
When an injury threatens to put the stops on some anticipated fun, this teen kicks into gear with focused prayer.
Read how prayer saves the day for a boy about to celebrate his birthday.

You are the ‘I can’ of I am

Using church as a laboratory for facing down the “I can’t” attitude enables us to polish qualities that will flood over to every aspect of our experience.
Testimony of Healing
About this time last year I had just moved house.
Testimony of Healing
While at work one December afternoon some years ago, when I was living in New York City, I began experiencing stomach cramps.
Testimony of Healing
I’d like to express gratitude for a healing I had while working as the property manager at a camp for Christian Scientists.
From the Editors

Join the protest

We can deny the evidence of disease or in harmony with the full understanding that God backs us.

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