Spiritual focus all day long

Resonating with the Christ-message brings renewal and resolution to a severe business challenge.

It can be a real challenge to maintain God-centered thinking throughout the day. Spiritual study and prayer are great ways to get started in the morning. But I've found that thought can be pulled down by the day's experiences, and suddenly we're thinking less and less from a spiritually enlightened perspective. Sometimes it's a like a battery—getting all charged up in the morning and then running down until the next opportunity for a recharge. Spiritual renewal can seem unattainable.

Lately, I've been seeking ways to find spiritual renewal continuously, rather than having to recharge like a battery. I've been thinking particularly about the concept of resonance and its relationship to spiritual renewal. I like the idea of resonating with the Christ, all the good that is coming to us from God. It's given me insights that have helped me maintain my spiritual focus all day long, even during tough times. In music, resonance requires three things: First, a source of sound. Second, an instrument that is in the presence of the sound. And third, an instrument that's well tuned. When all three things come together, the instrument resonates with the original sound, actually enhancing and prolonging it for the listener.

My life renewed
March 29, 2010

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