Sunny days are here

When I read The Christian Science Monitor in my teens, I always liked the Sundial story that used to appear on the family pages. It shared heartwarming little accounts of good deeds done in everyday life under an etching of a sundial in a garden with the motto, "I Record only the Sunny Hours."

Later, in my career as a newspaper reporter, I was often called upon to record less salubrious events. But that motto stuck in my mind, and by keeping my focus on the basic goodness and sunniness of God's creation, I was able to protect my thinking from infiltration of any kind. I was also able to write more constructively and upliftingly about such events than I might otherwise have done. In fact that motto has proved helpful to me when confronting through prayer any number of challenges, including difficult neighbors, relationship and business problems, financial squeezes, and a physical disease that doctors had considered incurable.

What is true manhood?
November 1, 2010

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