Inventive ideas and their divine source

OVER MANY YEARS OF WORK as a research engineer and from my study of Christian Science, I've learned that God's angel messages provide answers to solve many problems, including difficult technical problems. "God gives you His spiritual ideas, and in turn, they give you daily supplies," wrote Mary Baker Eddy in an article titled "Angels" (Miscellaneous Writings1883—1896, p. 307.) Such angel thoughts come to us when we are seeking answers, when we are really in search of a solution to a problem.

These angel messages have been inspirational in my work as an engineer, particularly when it comes to inventions. Part of the job of many engineers is to invent things—to make them better, more efficient, more durable, more cost-effective. Every invention—every thing—begins as an idea. Mrs. Eddy understood that good ideas are the basis of good things, when she wrote in Science and Health, "All things beautiful and harmless are ideas of Mind" (p. 280). In my career, angel messages have been the inspiration for many inventions, some of which have had sufficient market potential to justify patenting. Spiritual inspiration played a major role in one invention in particular: a new and easier way to carry a golf bag.

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October 25, 2010

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