IN HOT AND HUMID BRISBANE, I once had a brand-new split-level air conditioner installed in my house. It was defective. I visited the retailer, who referred me to the installer, who referred me to the manufacturer's service agent, who referred me to the manufacturer, who promptly sent me back down the line. This went on for a number of weeks. No one, it seemed, was prepared to be accountable for the malfunctioning product. So I prayed.

In my prayer I affirmed that everyone naturally had within them the spiritual attributes required for honest, accountable practices. Why? Because man and woman are created by God in His own image. Thus, as God is Mind, each person has the ability to intelligently resolve issues. As God is Truth, each one of us has integrity. As God is Principle, each is ethical. As God is Soul, harmonious resolutions are reachable. Everyone has the God-produced intelligent capacity and determination to do what's right, because that's how everyone has been created. Each person is thus responsible and accountable. As I stuck to these spiritual truths regarding those I was dealing with, the defective unit was replaced and the situation resolved amicably.

That experience seems especially relevant today, when so many people in my country, and elsewhere, are asking, "Who's responsible for the rising prices of supermarket food items, energy, fuel, and other necessities? Who's accountable for corporate losses that cost people their life savings or homes?" At first, it may seem as though there's just a faceless bureaucracy and that justice isn't possible.

Testimony of Healing
June 2, 2008

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