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This Week I'll be joining my family at Arlington National Cemetery for my father's military funeral.


I truly enjoy the Sentinel.
items of interest

items of interest

"Some People Seem To Think.

What death can never take away

There is a path out of grief. Responding to God keeps us feeling close to the ones we love while allowing us to move past feelings of sadness.
Through God's grace, the void of missing two special grandfathers was filled in the life of a young boy, in ways his mother could not have planned.

Stepping into the sunlight

I can't explain it any better than to say that at that moment, I was free of the feeling that I'd lost someone and something good.


moving past the agony

In the midst of grief over the loss of her grown son, a mother turns to God and listens. She hears three questions that bring immediate help—and put her on the road to healing.

Prayer on the wind

PRAYER ON THE WIND By Wendy Wylie Winegar When people pray for and with others, whatever hour of the day or night, everyone shares the benefits.

Welcome home

The security and comfort of home are yours now, direct from God. Financial constraints can't stand in the way!

give me a break!

Here are some ideas on how to cope with exhaustion and burnout, even if you can't take a vacation to get away from it all.
One of photography's strengths as an art form is its ability to capture the essence of a moment in time.
I Dropped My Kids at school and contemplated what to do next.


On still days when country telephonewires go south, go home, go quietly away intothe woods, a certain little brown bird appears,hopping and flying by starts, following the line,trying out each pole.

Prayer for the Middle East

Last spring , in preparation for a conference I was co-directing on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, I gave a lot of thought to identifying what I perceived to be the barriers to peace in the Middle East.
Testimony of Healing

It was God's law—the law of Love—and not physical law that was governing me.

Testimony of Healing

Healing of kidney stones

When I first became acquainted with Christian Science, I was under medical care for an infection.
Testimony of Healing
A good friend had introduced me to Christian Science.
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FROM THE editors

A better path than grief

The release came when a basic point of Christian Science sank in—that the individuality of each of us is the expression of God, who is All.

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