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When I Was Growing Up , I had teachers who sometimes urged us to do our schoolwork by saying, "When the spirit moves you.


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Items of interest

Items of interest


Moved by the Spirit

Holy ground can be common ground—a divinity student who is a Christian Scientist and a Jewish rabbi urge more and better dialogue among faiths.

A spiritual journey

fFrom childhood, the author had fundamental questions about God and His power to heal. Her search for answers launched her on a journey that has enriched her own life and helped her to help others.

Peacebuilding in Bosnia

A woman who cares deeply about the welfare of Bosnia tells how she has promoted healing within its borders, through the organization she works for and also through her prayer as one woman.

Green pastures

The mountains were familiar. So was the 23rd Psalm. And on this wilderness hike, they came together to teach lessons about hope and healing.
At a time in life when most people think about taking it easier, Andrew and Elizabeth Daley are literally racing—pushing the boundaries of their athletic performance with a strength they say comes directly from God.


Jeanine Millington of Brisbane, Australia, is certified by AUSTSWIM.

Touched by grace

A life lesson learned in a little log chapel.

In her true light ...

In anticipation of the opening of The Mary Baker Eddy Library for the Betterment of Humanity later this month, the Sentinel prints excerpts from the collections of previously unpublished writings.

This is war

Don't get me wrong.
Testimony of Healing

Prayer heals flu

I felt I could trust God's love to see me through.

Testimony of Healing

In the swim, unafraid

When I was a little girl, I was so afraid of the water that I couldn't go out in a boat or get into water of any depth without being scared.
Testimony of Healing
When I was about 14 years old, I hopped over a barbedwire fence to cross through a pasture.

It can take courage to begin a spiritual journey. And people don't always get to their destination in one giant step.

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