I pray for Columbia

WHEN I HEAR FROM MY FAMILY or other people about things that are causing trouble in Colombia, I pray. Kidnappings, guerrilla activity, paramilitaries and soldiers, robbery, threats, attacks, extortions, corruption, economic sanctions, unemployment—I pray about all these problems, in order to help my home country.

For me, praying is going to the source of my being—the source of all being—in order to understand and see who we really are. To see what's really happening. To see what God sees. Prayer is powerful. It transforms our way of thinking. Prayer improves my vision of my country and its needs. I like to compare praying with putting a filter on the lens of a camera, causing us to see everything more clearly. This "filter" for me is Spiritual sense. We all have it. God has given it to us. And using it gives us practical, tangible benefits.

A greater equity for the US
August 12, 2002

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